On behalf of Textum Digital, we undertook the construction of a clean, high quality ecommerce store. Textum Digital is a digital textile printing company specializing in printing onto fabrics made by natural fibers (cotton, viscose, tencel, linen, silk and their mixtures), either woven or knitted, with the use of Reactive High Density inks.


Sense of leadership

The company is one of the pioneers in the digital printing industry, when it comes to fabrics. We made sure that this information will be clear to the visitors of the website, straight from the home page.

Information spread

We used effective ways of informing visitors of the website about company’s activities, services, through facts & useful data.

Ecommerce store

We designed a fully functional online store with incredible features, through which, users will be able to buy products / services of Textum Digital. Even buyers from around the world are just a few clicks away.