As the product/service you buy is digital, all sales are final and not refundable.

We do not offer a money back guarantee.

We love to hear from our clients. Supporting their problems, is a primary goal for us.

Refund policy

If you have any problem with our product or experiencing difficulty in configuring it, we commit to have it fixed, as soon as possible. Our support team is willing to help anytime. It doesn’t matter if you got an unfortunate issue, or if you got a third party problem for us. A support operator will be able to help you anytime, since we got 24-hour based shifts, in order to have it fixed.


We believe that every client had enough time to evaluate the quality of our products and services on a demo websites that we provide for free (for products) or during the final presentation (for services). If you had any problems with our products / services or encountered difficulties in their configurations, we will try to help you as soon as possible. You can contact us via the customer support system (Clients Area account).


As a provider of professional services / digital products, eightweb offers services / products that can not do any harm (web server hardware, incompatibilities, etc.) and are widely compatible with other technologies. This is another reason why we have satisfied customers, who do not ask for refunds. Our support department usually helps our customers beyond the level of agreed support, in every possible problem that they might face.