Approach breakdown

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Let us show you the way we approach your project.

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Step 1

First, we need to get to know each other. Understanding your ambitions and finding personal common ground to work from is the key to scoping projects dimensions and arriving at a proposal. We look forward to start an awesome project that will kill competitors.

Step 2

By now, we understand your business objectives. Together, we frame your ideas into a coherent and effective plan, comprising the development of personas, user narratives, and other essential UX compass points.

Step 3

As we cast our plans into an intuitive design, we start to bring it to life. We always ensure to launch your project in a sequence of smaller sections. This allows us to gain valuable feedback from real users at an early stage, implementing flexible improvements on the fly. We also train you on your new website’s management.

Step 4

Boom! On air! But its not over. A useful website needs maintenance and continuous monitoring regarding results. Experience is always in flux; users change by the second, landscapes shift and grow, and the future is always already here. We will be by your side, doing all necessary things to keep your website awesome.

Not your ordinary web agency

Creating outstanding work depends on our mutual trust and combined insights.
At eightweb, we consider true collaboration as the key to successful project design.

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