The scope of this project was to redesign the whole website after moving it to WordPress CMS and implementing a modern ecommerce store.
ELEKTRA is a leading furniture manufacturing company which follows a dynamically growing-bigger plan, designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of funirture for countryside, tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, table bases, stools, cushions etc.


Corporate profile presentation

We used conspicuous, large areas of the home page in order to present the company’s key points. The top of the homepage, is occupied by a videoreel related to the history of the company and its story so far.

Back to usability

The new appearance of the website we designed, is based on clean elements, it is fully utilitarian & pixel perfect, from products’ options to data search.

Boldly effects

The common issue with ecommerce websites is that almost all of them look the same. It was our obligation to have this problem solved. We made the difference between competitors by designing risking with boldly effects and.. it worked.