Suzuki automotive is undoubtedly one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The new SX4 S-CROSS was created by combining the expertise of Suzuki in categories that it was traditionally distinguished, compact design and four-wheel drive sport utilities. The new Swift, launched the new design identity of the Japanese company, the same way it is already applied to the new Baleno. Presentation needs for the two new models of the company, required two microsites that we created.


Project needs

Different needs, different goals, certainly require different ideas and different implementations for a successful microsite. Analysis of customer needs, led us to specific directives regarding the implementation of the project. Our goal was to parse easily and effectively, all necessary information regarding the two new models of the automotive company, straight to clients’ screen.

Simple, but effective information

We created specific text locations, keeping multimedia / text ratio in adequate levels for an automotive website. Information remained simple and effective, in order to provide a happier user experience through browsing and to eliminate bounce rate.

Advanced features

Just before the delivery of the project, all the specific requirements that were included in the brief (Test Drive, etc. Parameter Model) were implemented in a fancy way, which gave a rocking appearance to the new microsites and made them two of the best automotive microsites out there.